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The Anti Cafe flips the Wifi Cafe idea on it’s head

Located on a small alley in Paris on a street between other restaurants and cafes, you can find a cool place called the Anti Cafe.

 anticafe coworking space       
I’d heard about this place online as I searched for places with wifi to work while I was in Paris – and was excited to see what the buzz was about.

anticafe patis indoor wall

The Concept

Pay for Time, The Rest is Free

Instead of going to a cafe to work and purchasing a your food and drink, you pay a fixed price of 4 euros per hour.

pay for time   at the anticafe   

This price includes a workspace, unlimited coffee, drinks, snacks, and printing and great wifi. 

We’re not talking about american coffee on a pot – we’re in Paris – and coffee is taken seriously –  we are referring to a barista-made expresso & macchiatos. Not to mention the yummy snacks and assorted jams and nutella.

You come in to the space and are quickly greeted by two smiling faces. After a quick intro into the concept, you are given a card with the wifi code. This card is used to track your time.

 coffee and card Hourly = 4 Euros

  • Daily  = 16 Euros
  • Weekly = 75 Euros
  • Monthly = 230 Euros

We came in around 10 AM and it was still pretty empty, by 12 it was fairly full. 

The cafe has been here for about 3 years. The Ukrainian owner started with this cafe in Beauborg, Paris. Since then he’s opened 3 other locations in Paris, as well as one in Rome. It seems Europe is receptive to this idea. 

If you’re ever in Paris

Address: Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris
Phone:01 73 73 10 74

Have you heard of any concepts in the US Similar to this?


Travel anywhere this weekend

Adioso lets you find travel based on price – rather than destination or dates

You know those sites that once you find them, you go back to all the time – that’s Adioso. Since I started using it a year or so ago, it’s become  so useful for me personally, that I’ve recommended it to family and friends – so I thought I would also share with you. I last used them while booking my honeymoon trip to Europe – we decided to leave half our itinerary open, and we used it to decide on smaller towns to visit during this time.

Choose where you want to go – it can be ‘anywhere’

Once you select your current location, you can choose your destination – “Anywhere”  is usually what I choose. There’s times where I just want to stay in the States – so domestic is also available. Or maybe you want to travel to a specific country, say US but you are open to exploring the different cities.

You can select to travel Anytime

Weekend, a few days, or a specific time ?

The flexibility is awesome, I can set a date range, anytime or a specific day.

I also allows you to set the trip length or a specific date -this is immensely useful as what I care about isn’t necessarily the length but the price – and I don’t have to try one date at a time to see price differences.

Adioso Flexible search lets you select weekend travel

Voila – your travel choices with prices

The results show me that if I’m in Paris, and want to travel this weekend, going to Berlin, Barcelona or Madrid are good options, compared to Rome – which is almost double.

The search results show you where you can go if you're flexible

Beautiful & Useful Interface & Experience

Natural Language

I haven’t seen other travel search sites do natural language this as well as Adioso.  “Paris FR to Madrid ES between Jun 22 and Jun 25 return about 3 days later” , super easy to edit as well.

Price Difference Visualization

The Detail View visualizes the prices by day, which lets you very easily click through the days to see the changes in price, used a nice and clean dashed line to communicate the average price.

flexible flight easy to choose prices

“Best Flights” Algorithm

Inspired by Hipmunk’s “Agony” filter, it shows you the “Best Flights” based on Adioso’s own algorithm that they describe this way:  “We sort Best based on cost, flight duration and stops.” . It also has it’s own simple tabs displaying the Cheapest, and Fastest flights – which of course are super useful as they are the top 2 criteria that I would base my decision on.

custom algorithm for best flights custom flights

In- Context Filters

Something beautiful and usable about this is that the filters are clickable within the page, not in a separate area, so for example, if you click on the time “9:26”, it will display a filter for the time.

filters layed out in a way that is very easy to understand

Complexity is Hidden Away

All the details which aren’t necessary to make a decision are beautifully hidden away – until you need them.

Ux Adioso Search


The Australia based Adioso team rebuilt the site from scratch a couple of times, it took them close to 6 years to get to this revolutionary product. No wonder – Beautiful, Usable and free for the user – the human element is apparent everywhere. You can tell it’s built from the ground up with the user as the most important part of the process.  Learn about their journey

Check them out – Check out Adioso

Do you have any travel sites that you would like to share?