The Anti Cafe flips the Wifi Cafe idea on it’s head

Located on a small alley in Paris on a street between other restaurants and cafes, you can find a cool place called the Anti Cafe.

 anticafe coworking space       
I’d heard about this place online as I searched for places with wifi to work while I was in Paris – and was excited to see what the buzz was about.

anticafe patis indoor wall

The Concept

Pay for Time, The Rest is Free

Instead of going to a cafe to work and purchasing a your food and drink, you pay a fixed price of 4 euros per hour.

pay for time   at the anticafe   

This price includes a workspace, unlimited coffee, drinks, snacks, and printing and great wifi. 

We’re not talking about american coffee on a pot – we’re in Paris – and coffee is taken seriously –  we are referring to a barista-made expresso & macchiatos. Not to mention the yummy snacks and assorted jams and nutella.

You come in to the space and are quickly greeted by two smiling faces. After a quick intro into the concept, you are given a card with the wifi code. This card is used to track your time.

 coffee and card Hourly = 4 Euros

  • Daily  = 16 Euros
  • Weekly = 75 Euros
  • Monthly = 230 Euros

We came in around 10 AM and it was still pretty empty, by 12 it was fairly full. 

The cafe has been here for about 3 years. The Ukrainian owner started with this cafe in Beauborg, Paris. Since then he’s opened 3 other locations in Paris, as well as one in Rome. It seems Europe is receptive to this idea. 

If you’re ever in Paris

Address: Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris
Phone:01 73 73 10 74

Have you heard of any concepts in the US Similar to this?


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