Why the Curaçao is not getting the visits it deserves

Today I saw this pamphlet in the Netherlands embassy.  And although I had all the time in my hands ( I was waiting for my turn ), and I was dying for some entertainment ( my phone died)  , and I love traveling , I couldn’t find myself reading through the damn paper.

It was so freaking generic, and sounded exactly like everything else I had ever read about every other Caribbean Island – It was forgettable.

If I had been part of the story, then I know that it wouldve made an impression on me

What if we switched the hero of the Story to be YOU instead of CURACAO.

The more concious we become of the rule that people wantwant to be the center of the story.

What would that look like?

Be foreworned – I am far from a copywriter, and don’t want to be.

  1. Easy for you to get here. You’re only 1.5 hours from Miami.
  2. Practice Spanish, learn Dutch or even discover a historic Papiamentu – All while being comfortable and understood with your native English.
  3. Your dollar is worth a lot in Curaçao.  In fact – 1.7x more than the Antillean G which means you’ll get more for less.
  4. Coral reefs can easily be reached without a boat – why? the sea floor drops off steeply within a few hundred feet of the shore, and this is unique to curaçao.
  5. Imagine yourself relaxing in crystal – clear blue waters that offer grlass like visibility in one of our 35 beaches – the best are the smaller most intimate shores, some are carved out in secluded inlets.
  6. Enjoy walking tours along Willemstad while you immerse yourself in the island’s architecture, history and traditions of in one of the 750 sites and monuments.
  7. Learn about jewish history and see a testament of how they overcame persecution. Visit a synagogue full of rich mahogany yet a floor made of sand when you visit The Mikve-Isrel Emanual Synagogue – the Western Hemisphere’s oldest.
  8. Enjoy authentic local food “kriyoyo” at the floating Markets in downtowan Willemstad – where locals line up everyday at noon to visit the foodstands. Or stay closer to home to the many sidewalk cafes and renowned chef restaurants.
  9. Celebrate with us in one of our festivals  – Carnival in April, Jazz festival in August/Sept . Food and Muscis in February, Sailing Race in January & Cycling Race in November.
  10. Are you planning a romantic getaway? Or are you getting away for a Dive Trip, Do you want to get married? or are you planning your next Family Trip? You can do it all here.

The title says it all – the top 10 reasons to visit curacao.

What are the rules that I followed?

  • Dont Me myself and I  – Try to not use “Our” or “I”, Only used
  • Describe the Hero’s Dreams – Imagine the Hero in the story , describe as much as possible what they could be feeling.
  • Have a Solid Point of view. Notice #5, when I talked abot beaches, I pointed out the best beaches were smaller intimate shores.
  • Be Authentic – Everyone always says the same thing. If you think you’ve heard that phrase before – you’re safer not saying it.
  • Be Specific  – Even when being generic about festivals, we added specificity of times – this helps the reader.
  • Be Descriptive – is gives me a feeling, and I imagine myself there. Use adjectives that make you feel part of the story.  ex.” full of rich mahogany yet a floor made of sand” – This gives me a feeling, and I imagine myself there.

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